$50 dollar a month grocery challenge!!!

20150911_142020Hey guys! I am sick and tired of spending so much money and not being able to indulge myself in pretty clothes, cosmetics and skincare! Muchmore, my grocery list difinitely supplements my binge eating disorder, which is a huge no-no, and I dont want to end up with health issues later on. I have also never been the skinny girl unless in my anorexic days, which is a huge no-no too since once I let myself eat again, I ballooned up twenty pounds in 2 weeks literally.

So i am deciding for my health and limited resources that I need to budget my money way more wisely on food. Apparently, potatoes and beans are cheap, so I am planning to integrate those into my 50 dollar grocery list!!!! I am also planning to drink a bottle of water before each meal to fill my tummy up, and am stocking my fridge with icecubes, since it difinitely gives the water a classier taste. Apparently frozen veggies and fruits are the way to go, so I may consider that, since they are easy to perserve and apparently cheaper. 


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